Our debt has skyrocketed to over 21 trillion dollars under both Republican and Democrat control. current Secretary of Defense (General) James Mattis said “Is the biggest issue for America's national security.” A debt will exceed the size of the economy within a decade, according to an analysis by the nonpartisan Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget.

I believe if Congress cannot pass a balanced budget on time, then they shouldn’t be paid on time either.

We continue to send our young men and women to die in wars we don’t belong in. Right now we are helping Saudi Arabia, a regime that views women as second class citizens and undercuts freedom for millions of people. Our government is currently bombing Yemen, AFGHANISTAN, and numerous other countries. Yet our current Congress has not even declared war.

We are about to have a farming crisis, with 75% of all current national farmers being over 55 and 50% planning to retire in just 10 years. Yet no one is talking about it.

I promise to fight crony-capitalism, by not allowing lobbyists to push their agendas over the common American people, to stop allowing D.C. to be controlled by the few and the elite. I embrace new technologies like block-chain, artificial intelligence, space ventures, and automation. I want to see education, healthcare, and welfare reform. Social Security and Medicare will go bankrupt sometime between 2032-2035 if nothing changes.

Enough is enough, this country is for the people by the people. Government exist to serve the people, you don't exist to serve Government. Join me today.

I have a long term vision, with short term goals. I am determined and committed to win.


Our Mission

Take On Washington, D.C. By Pushing Liberty!

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