I first came to Washington State in 2007 as part of the US Army stationed in Fort Lewis. I am from Asheville, North Carolina and joined to serve my country in the best way I thought possible at the time; fighting on the forefront. However, as time went by I slowly began to realize the fight America needed wasn't on some foreign soil but right here at home. I watched as every election year promises where made...and broken. I watched as our debt slowly skyrocketed, all the time blaming the common American for not doing anything. When I left service in 2013, I moved from Louisiana where I was station at Fort Polk at the time, to Dallas and too became part of the problem. Ignoring the world around me while I enjoyed life and went to school. It took the birth of my first daughter in 2015 to give me a reality check. I moved back to Washington State, and began contemplating my daughters future. I realized I too had become the America who didn't hold his government accountable, who didn't question why, who sat back as the DNC and GOP ran our country into the ground with backroom deals and never-ending scandals. Enough was enough, so I am running but I wont stop. Even though I believe in term limits I will do my terms and help bring up young people who want to fight for a better America. It takes a village to raise a child, and it takes a whole lot of people to rise up and make a village. So my fellow Americans, here I am ready to fight for OUR Future.

I am not perfect nor will I ever claim to be. No one is, life is a constant learning experience. But everyday what you and I can do is try to be better. Better than the day before, and together we can bring this country back on the path of Freedom, Liberty, and Justice for ALL.